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Spanish Immersion for Pre-K and Homeschoolers

This class is designed for students whose primary language is English who are interested in full Spanish Immersion to add a new language. The curriculum in project based. Our students will practice language skills, learn about Geography, math and history by working on fun and interesting units that will keep their attention and expose theme to themes and cultures that they may not have been exposed to before. At the end of each unit they will present an exposition of their  work in Spanish. Classes are focused on age groups but all students are welcome to join as mixed ages can enrich the learning environment

1 day a week - $165 per month
2 days a week - $315 per month

Schedule Starting August 19th
Tuesday (Focused on Younger Ages 4-7)
9:30 to 12:30

Thursday (Focused Older Ages 8-11)
9-30 to 12:30

Project Themes


August 19- 30th (Intro Week)

Learn about traditional games for children that have gone through generations in different parts of the world. The survival of these games depends on the new generations knowing them.


Civilización Maya

September 3rd-27th
Learn about the Mayans? The life as a Mayan noble as well as a plebeian. What were the clothes of the Mayan? What did they eat? What were their houses like? We will learn Spanish as we explore this incredible advanced culture.


Cultura Egipcia

October 1st-25th
Through discussions and activities in Spanish we will discover this ancient and incredible culture.
How did the Kingdom of Egypt come about? The Sphinx The Egyptian writing and art and of course the mummies.


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