Lesson 1
Getting Ready For school

Thanks for joining us for Lesson One of Spanish for Parents. It was a blast having a glass of wine and practicing Spanish with some of the coolest parents ever.

The goal of Lesson One is to give you some basics to start to work with, as well as a few interactions that you can use with your our child to prepare them for the upcoming school day. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all of the concepts fully yet. This is just the beginning of of your language journey.

We will start with some basic vocabulary: Items of clothing (unfortunately for cold weather!) These will give you some useful but simple terms to begin speaking in Spanish with your child as you get them ready for school.

la chaqueta - the jacket

el paraguas - the umbrella

las botas de lluvia - the rain boots

el gorro - the hat

la bufanda - the scarf

el vestido - the dress

Now we will we need some verbs so we can put those nouns into actions. Conjugating verbs can get a bit confusing (and is something that we will cover in more depth later) so for now we will teach you how to use them in a future form (the English equivalent of ..ing) as well as commands. It’s is always good to have a few commands ready for kids!

to put - poner

put on your jacket (command) - ponte tu chaqueta

In five minutes you are going to put on our jacket - en cinco minutos te vas a poner la chaqueta.
[To make the equivalent of ..ing in English we add (vas a) : (going to) before the verb]

Some additional useful verbs:

hablar - to talk

comer - to eat

dormir - to sleep

tomar - to drink (take)

escuchar - to listen

ver - to see

tocar - to touch

Bonus Video - we listened to in class

Practice articles of clothing:

Practice Verbs:

Put it all together: